Costa Rica Retreat

Rediscover Your Sensual Self  

Mbodied Women's Retreat

  Revitalize and Restore Your Energy, Creativity, and Passion

March 3-10, 2018 Costa Rica


Intimacy Coach Mary Campbell and Holistic Health Coach Katherine Miller will lead you on a one-of-a-kind journey to your sensual self.


Your deepest sensual instincts surrounded by lush tropical nature.


Space for deep relaxation, healthy indulgence and sensual vitality. 

Take some time and space for You.

Connect with, nurture, and develop the source of your freedom, authority and power as a woman. 

The last few generations of women have enjoyed freedoms beyond what our foremothers imagined. Yet we are still encouraged to abuse our bodies, trained to mistrust our intuition, and seduced to reach for pleasures outside of ourselves for satisfaction. 

On this reteat you will have the rare opportunity, and a safe space, to tap into the power of pleasure. You'll learn and practice sensual techniques that open the gates to being truly alive, embodied, and empowered.

By tapping into sensual pleasure, and you will begin to access a power you may have never known.

Really feel that I have learned a tremendous amount... and self love is among the most powerful! - Victoria

I have always loved to eat; now I have a passion for being loved by what I eat. Katherine’s professional guidance, radiance, warmth, support, and all her wonderful tools were always present. I was very comfortable opening up to her and felt absolutely no judgment on her part. She really did provide everything that was needed. - Aza

Retreat Experience

Immerse Yourself In Pleasure

Experience Wholeness

Put your pleasure first! Discover, retore and nurture sensuality in body, mind, and spirit. 

So much of life is focused on doing. Nurture your inner life, shift old habits, and practice being through the Power of the Pause Meditations.

 Vitality Through Sensuality 

You are most deeply nourished by connecting through your senses.

When you get in touch with your sensual self, you can't help but be energized, restored and rejuvenated. 

Be Embraced By Nature

Feel the embrace of magificent rainforest flora and fauna. 

Being immersed in this untamed tropical paradise, will allow you to tap into your natural intincts, increase your aliveness, and feel any sense of otherness slip away. 




Enjoy morning practice with Mary Campbell in this ancient meditative and contemplative body/mind approach to a deeper connection with all of life.

Learn Taoist Jade Egg and Tantra Practices and Principles to cultivate a more pleasurable sexual/sensual self.

Optional daily Hatha yoga classes are tailored to suit every unique body and level of skill and are taught by Amatierra founder Jill Rutenburg or one of her yoga teachers on staff.

Essential Oils 

Sensual Eating

Feminine/ Masculine Balance

Essential oils are nature's medicine chest and a magical key for unlocking your sensual self. 

Wake up your senses, calm the nervous system, clear the mind and open the heart. 

(Special Spa services are also available with Amatierra professionl staff.)

Be nourished from the inside out - play with your food, turn on your tastebuds. Enjoy locally grown, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken.* 

You'll learn to listen to your body's desires and innate wisdom to choose foods that love you back.

*Vegan, gluten, dairy, and egg free options are available.  

No matter our gender, we each express masculine and feminine energies. But in a culture that glories the masculine, women too often lose our connection to what is truly authentic and pleasurable.

Discover how to enjoy your masculine strengths and prioritize your feminine energies for optimal joy.  

Your Teachers & Guides

Mary Campbell

Mary is an intimacy educator and ordained interfaith minister who believes that we are here -- living in bodies on an exquisitely beautiful planet -- to experience the full range of pleasure possible as humans. 

Nearly every woman has experienced some sort of sexual trauma or weirdness that lingers in her body, hindering her life force, creative energies and pleasure. 

Mary's gift is helping women return to their wholeness, opening to and embracing their entire experience, including their sensuality.

Mary is the founder of Divining Beauty and author of the forthcoming book The Pleasure Playbook: 13 Invitations for Awakening Joy. She leads retreats around the globe and privately coaches women and couples to authentically embrace their body, mind, heart and soul. 

Katherine Miller

As an holistic health coach, menopause guide, and Plant-Powered Master Chef, Katherine helps professional women all over the world to feel confident in their bodies and minds so they can be powerful leaders and change makers.  

Katherine's approach is based on a woman's right to mastery over their health and well-being. It begins and ends with small but radical acts of SelfCare - the ways we eat drink, move, contemplate and breathe throughout each day. Through the exploration of desire and pleasure, strength and vitality, we can discover a deep source of power and freedom.  

Katherine is the founder of Mbodied Women and the Radiant KickAss Women's Club as well as the 7 Days To Radiant Health Cleanse and the Extreme Radiance 10-Day Detox. Her Mbodied Mastery Progams are designed for one-on-one and group Coaching.


Our Accommodations

 AmaTierra is an eco-retreat and wellness center with a magnificent open-air pavilion overlooking the Costa Rican mountains. It's a paradise surrounded by nature and beautiful trees, birds and butterflies. You'll enjoy delicious organic foods in a nurturing, friendly environment. 

"A slice of Heaven!"

"AmaTierra is one of those magical places so rare in our world today - where pure Nature embraces you with unforgettable beauty and life spirit."

Spa Room

Private Mountainside Casitas

Feel at home cradled by nature amidst the mango trees and sounds of the living forest in your simple, elegant suite. Allow yourself to truly relax in the comfort and peace of the mountains which Costa Rica is famous for.  

Tastefully designed with unique decor to allow you to enjoy the serenity of your surroundings, each Casita comes with its own private bath, private terrace and garden with outdoor seating. Hardwood furniture and a ceiling made of teak brings the ambiance of the forest into your room.

Casitas can be private - with one bed, or shared with two beds with an optional half wall between them. (Beds are queen sized.)

AmaTierra is a small intimate place - perfect for our retreat! 

Space is limited, so please don't wait!

Choose Your Payment Option

Shared Casita:

$2199 per person

Private Casita:

$2397 USD per person  

Receive a free jade egg when you register and pay in full. ($100 value, hand delivered to you in Costa Rica!)  


  • 7 nights accommodations
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Airport transfers on the 3rd and 10th
  • All program activities with Katherine and Mary
  • An evening of native flute playing
  • Special Singing Bowls Session
  • Essential Oils sampler

Travel & FAQs

What do I need to know about Costa Rica?  

Costa Rica has the highest happiness rating of any country on the planet. And it’s been our experience that los costarisenses are very happy to share that fact. Ohhhh, it is beautiful – a blend of tropical forest ecosystems cover a landscape that rises from spectaclar beaches to volcanic peaks.  

Costa Rica protects this beauty vigorously with one of the smartest and well-managed park systems in Latin America. The government has invested for decades in health, education, and infrastructure – in the people and the environment. Costa Rica has the highest happiness index of any country on Earth (yes, it's been measured!).

So it’s a fantastic place! And our retreat center, AmaTierra, is amazing.  

Do I need a visa to visit Costa Rica?  

As a US or EU citizen, no visa is required before you arrive. You’ll receive a tourist visa at the airport. Keep in mind that Costa Rica’s economy is fueled by nature tourism, and they are very happy to have you visit. So they make it super easy. You will pay an exit tax of US$29 at the airport when you depart, payable by check or credit card.  

What airport do I fly into?  

Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in San Jose is the airport you will be flying into.  

How do I get from San Jose to AmaTierra?  

We will arrange transportation for group members arriving on the 3rd and departing on the 10th. (We'll send you a survey to learn your travel details). 

There will be two shuttles Leaving for AmaTierra, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

What is the electrical current/outlet in Costa Rica?  

Same as in the US (Geeky answer: plug types A & B, 120 volts).  

What health precautions should I take?  

This is really up to you. Health risks are low. Yet it's the tropics, so it's important to know your options. For more information see these Center For Disease Control recommendations.

Is there internet access on property?  

Amatierra offers free wi-fi throughout the property. Sometimes the unexpected weather can slow down or cut out the internet temporarily.  

What will the weather be like?  

March is the heart of the Costa Rican dry season. The western and central regions of Costa Rica have sunny weather, nearly no rain and surprisingly low humidity. There may be some rain - but only showers to cool off the afternoons. Average daytime highs are 80 to 88 °F (27-31 °C), and evenings are warm and mild. Think about it this way: it's perfect.  

What should I pack?  

We recommend light clothing that breathes but can also protect you from the sun. The tropical sun is hot and you can burn much faster than what you might be used to. Bring a sun hat, and suncreen as you see fit. Sleeves or a light jacket is also helpful in the evenings. It's fine if you want to hang out in comfortable yoga clothes all day. RE bugs: there is the occassional mosqito. Amatierra provides natural repellent, or you can bring your own. DEET-based repellents are highly toxic and not welcome.

What about money?  

Most businesses readily accept dollars and credit cards. (Visa is the most widely used.) Don’t forget to let your bank or credit card company know you are travelling! 

The local currency is called the Colón. Colones will not be needed on the retreat, but just in case you are traveling before or after and will be in out of the way places: The exchange rate fluctuates between 540 to 570 colónes to US$1.00. You can exchange money at hotels and banks.